AMICE further strengthens Board membership for comprehensive representation across diverse countries and members

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

AMICE further strengthens Board membership for comprehensive representation across diverse countries and members

At its General Meeting in Brussels (5 June), the AMICE (the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe) membership unanimously agreed the appointment of all proposed members of the Board. AMICE is a key stakeholder in the European advocacy sector for the insurance industry, representing distinct models and structures which are responsible for more than one-third of all European insurance business.
AMICE’s Board, which is elected for a three-year term, now comprises:
       Grzegorz Buczkowski, Saltus (PL)
       Odilo Bürgy, Swiss Mobiliar (CH)
       Stephane Cossé, Covéa (FR)
       Carlo Enrico de Fernex, Reale Mutua (IT)
       Jari Eklund, LähiTapiola (FI)
       Cornélia Federkeil, AAM (FR)
       Michael Garvey, IPB Insurance CLG (IE)
       Klaus-Jürgen Heitmann, HUK-Coburg (DE)
       Róbert Lilli, KÖBE (HU)
       Christopher Lohmann, Gothaer (DE)
       Allan Luplau, Sygeforsikringen “danmark“ (DK)
       Tom Meeus, Fédérale Assurance, (BE)
       Pablo Mongelos García, Seguros Lagun Aro (ES)
       Christophe Ollivier, FNMF (FR)
       Robert Otto, Achmea (NL)
       Norbert Rollinger, R+V Versicherung (DE)
       Ann Sommer, Länsförsäkringar (SE)
       Jorge Vázquez Morenés, Mutua Madrileña (ES)
       Ana Teresa Vicente Custódio de Sá, Mutua dos Pescadores (PT)
       Dimitrios Zorbas, Syneteristiki (GR)

Grzegorz Buczkowski was unanimously reappointed as President of AMICE for a second three-year term. Christophe Ollivier was unanimously reappointed Vice-President for a second three-year term, and Christopher Lohmann was unanimously appointed Vice-President for the first time. Róbert Lilli was reappointed – also unanimously – as AMICE’s Treasurer.

The Board welcomed two new members to its ranks, Michael Garvey, CEO of IPB in Ireland, and Ana Vincente, CEO of Mútua dos Pescadores in Portugal. They both represent more specialised and smaller mutual insurers, and reflect the geographic diversity of AMICE’s membership. Michael Garvey is the first Irish member of the AMICE Board.

Sarah Goddard, Secretary General of AMICE, said: “AMICE’s core strength lies in its ability to represent our diverse membership, reflecting one of our four key values – inclusiveness. We bring together insurers from different European countries, of different sizes, structures and directions, who are united under the banner of mutuality and cooperation. This value sits alongside three others – accountability, sustainability and ethical behaviour, and excellence – as the core of AMICE’s new strategy which commenced at the beginning of this year.”

The AMICE General Meeting was followed by a symposium on sustainable finance, featuring presentations from AMICE’s newest supporting member, OFI Asset Management, and Better Finance, the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users.

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