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Friday, 22 November 2019


Generali presented  Arte Generali, an innovative global business unit that positions itself as an insurance partner to art collectors. Arte Generali was first announced in occasion of the Group’s Investor Day in November 2018. Arte Generali offers innovative and personalized solutions that go beyond insurance coverage for art pieces, jewelry and other valuable belongings and include assistance in the form of, for example, restoration, transport and storage, as well as digital tools that make use of the latest technology.

The new global unit is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and reports to Giovanni Liverani, CEO of Generali Deutschland and global sponsor of Arte Generali. The central hub supports local underwriting and claims management teams empowered by unmatched services and cutting-edge technology.

Arte Generali is inspired by the Group’s aim to expand its value proposition to customers - as part of its “profitable growth” strategic pillar - by entering the art insurance segment. Generali expects that the global art value will increase by more than 20% from 2017 to 2022 and that the art insurance revenues world-wide will rise by 6% yearly on average over the same period to reach $2.3 billion. Arte Generali aspires to become a top-three player in the global art insurance segment in five years.

Philippe Donnet, Generali Group CEO, said: “I am very glad to announce the launch of Arte Generali, a milestone in the execution of Generali 2021. With Arte Generali, we start a new chapter in Generali’s history within the insurance industry. Furthermore, Arte Generali resonates strongly with Generali’s expertise, legacy and DNA as it can build on the Group’s leadership in terms of technical insurance performance and on its tradition as a patron to the arts and the culture.”

Giovanni Liverani, CEO of Generali Deutschland and member of the Group Management Committee, said: “Arte Generali will complement Generali’s offering across all geographies and provide innovative solutions and service to meet the highest expectations while tapping into a growing market. I am very glad for the support of two world-class artists like Oliviero Toscani and Maurizio Cattelan as testimonials of this venture.”

Jean Gazançon has been appointed Arte Generali’s CEO. A graduate of Sciences Po, Jean brings extensive international experience developed in Europe, Japan and Latin America in the fields of art, art insurance and wealth management.


Arte Generali’s image was created and developed by the world-famous photographer Oliviero Toscani in collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan, one of the most popular and iconic contemporary artists worldwide.

Oliviero Toscani said: “It was with great pleasure that I joined again the Generali Group and face this exciting challenge with Arte Generali’s team of passionate and competent leaders, with whom I feel strongly in sync. Generali is one of the most trusted names in the insurance industry in Europe and across the world – a name that reminds me of Italy, tradition, history, culture and art. Arte Generali’s image aims to reinforce these perceptions while leaving a meaningful memory in the viewers’ eyes and brains.”

Maurizio Cattelan said: “Arte Generali’s brand campaign juxtaposes the risk run by art collectors of their art pieces being stolen with the metaphorical act of stealing that every artist commits. My whole career has been based on the non-existence of originality – in other words, the ability to invent by adding to something that has been invented already, or the ability to elicit unexpected emotions by triggering emotions that one felt already before.”

Monday, 16 September 2019

Generali confirmed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and added to the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index

Generali has been confirmed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) for the second year running and also added, for the first time, to the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index (DJSI Europe).
This important recognition is testament to the Group’s commitment to sustainability, which plays a fundamental role in the Generali 2021 strategy. Some examples of Generali’s initiatives in this sector include: the commitment to allocate € 4.5 billion by 2021 to green and sustainable investments and to increase the number of products with social and environmental impacts; a Responsible Consumer programme to meet the expectations of sustainability-focused consumers; and the Enterprise award for sustainable SMEs.
The DJSI, launched in 1999 as a global sustainability benchmark, tracks the leading sustainability-driven companies based on RobecoSAM’s analysis of financially material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and S&P DJI’s robust index methodology.

Sunday, 4 August 2019


The operating result increased thanks to positive developments in all business segments 
The Group net profit stood at € 1.8 billion (+34.6%), also including the result of discontinued operations. Adjusted net profit2 rose to € 1.3 billion (+6.4%)
Life net inflows grew to € 7.4 billion (+29.5%) and technical reserves reached € 358 billion (+4.3%). Gross written premiums stood at € 35.7 billion (+1.8%), due to the positive performance of both Life and P&C segments 
The technical excellence of the Group is confirmed with the combined ratio at 91.8% (-0.2 pps) and the New Business Margin at 4.40% (-0.18 pps) 
Asset Management net profit stood at € 133 million (+22%), with third-party AuM in this segment rising sharply to € 102 billion 
 The Preliminary Regulatory Solvency Ratio remains solid at 209% (217% FY 2018; -8 pps) 
 Generali Group CEO Philippe Donnet declared: “These results show the Group’s capacity to generate sustainable financial and industrial value for all of its stakeholders. The first half of the year confirms the effective and disciplined implementation of the three-year strategic plan ‘Generali 2021’ in all business segments. Generali today is an increasingly global insurance and asset management group, with technical excellence in the Life and P&C segments and distinctive expertise in asset management, allowing us to successfully overcome the competitive challenges of the sector to become lifetime partner to our customers.”